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                                                                                   Contact person:Mr.Zhang
                                                                                  TEL: 86 0533 6803658
                                                                                  FAX: 86 0533 6802168
                                                                                  Address:The Shandong Zouping practices calligraphy town old city 751 (Zibo week village Nanjiao)
                                                                                  Zip code : 256220
                                                                                  About us

                                                                                  The Shandong Zouping Gucheng Electron Limited company with is known as “the first under heaven village” and township of the silk " the big dye house " the name Zibo week village neighboring (the week village Nanjiao 1 kilometer place). The close neighbor leads to the land's Jiaojitielu (the Zibo station); As well as has the extending in all directions 309 federal highways, Jinan clear highway penetration in which; West near the Jinan international airport. The good communications, the goods supply is prompt. The company has each kind of advanced processing production equipment, first-class production technology, many year production experiences. The specialized production each kind of electron electric appliance with plastic electronic electric appliances and so on……

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